Lockdown 2 #Why are they doing this?

November 7th, 2020

Ivor Cummings has been following the science since May – here’s his latest update on the situation, drawn from the actual data and asking the question, which must be asked, as we move into a second harsh lockdown. Especially given that the research about the collateral damage of lockdown for lives, livelihoods and the economy in general is no longer in any doubt: Lockdown will kill far more people than COVID19. An overview just 100 days after the first lockdown highlighted the issues. We are now more than another 200 days beyond that, have never truly been out of lockdown and are now going into another. Whatever the problems were on July 1st are only compounded and infinitely worse now.

The scientific data does not support the latest government measures and it’s doubtful that the population would accept the measures had they not been terrified by the graph presented to them by the UK’s top scientists, pushed by SAGE (the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies – a group dominated by computer modellers, behavioural scientists and not a single immunologist) and delivered to them by the 24/7 rolling main stream media.

Yes there was an epidemic of COVID19 in March and April, that is clear, but the data shows that the epidemic ended in May and what we see now is the normal increase of deaths of elders and those with co-morbidities that happens during every winter season. A positive PCR test, already fraught with problems, does not mean a “case”. A case needs to show signs of illness that can be diagnosed as COVID19. At this point there is nothing to be alarmed about, and given the trajectory for the rest of the year, there will continue to be nothing to be alarmed about. What is interesting is that so many people are unwilling to hear this really good news.

We surely all need to ask our representatives in parliament – #Why are they doing this?


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