COVID watching is about asking questions, provoking thought and offering the perspectives missing from the current narrative.

We are living in extraordinary and uncertain times. Making sense of it means looking at what’s happening from a position of compassionate detachment. It means not being distracted by the fear, but instead keeping a clear eye on the rapid changes in our world. Changes that offer opportunity but that also threaten to change our world beyond all imagining. Being able to choose what happens next means we need to see clearly beyond the 24/7 news cycle. We offer our own perspective, take a global view and share information from other trusted sources.

Some visitors to our blog have asked who we are and why anyone should believe what we’re saying.

We are two health professionals, who between us have almost 60 years experience in the field of Natural Medicine, as practitioners, educators, authors and film makers. We are committed to a world in which health care is based on having knowledge and information to make a personal decision when seeking health care choices. We believe in an integrated approach to health where conventional, traditional and alternative forms of healing can co-exist with a recognition that there is a place for all them. We have concerns how the media and governments are being influenced to give a biased perspective on the value of traditional and alternative forms of medicine. We are concerned at the ever increasing power of corporations and governments to determine our health care for us and believe that an informed choice is crucial for individual and collective well-being. The current situation with COVID19 is bringing all of these issues into stark focus.
Given the amount of trolling, propaganda and outright censorship being seen in all forms of media we have chosen not to reveal our names at this point. We want the facts of our fully referenced articles to be a testament to the importance of seeking an informed perspective on these challenging issues. Our identities are not needed for this right now.

Please contact us if you have questions or comments and we’d love you to support us by sharing our blog.

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