Briefing Paper – send URGENTLY to your MP

November 28th, 2020

An excellent briefing paper, specifically written to inform MPs of the actual data regarding COVID19, has been published by a group of scientists, including Dr Mike Yeadon and Dr. Clare Craig, both of whom have been patiently trying to explain the situation for many weeks.

The loss of freedoms incurred in the name of SARS-cov-2 is increasing daily and, it seems, with no end in sight. The UK has been promised a few days off at Xmas with instructions not to hug grandparents, not to play board games and a whole myriad of other ludicrous restrictions that make no sense, if the government and its advisors are really concerned about resolving COVID19.

We predict that immediately after Xmas there will be a sudden spike in “cases” blamed on the fact that we played Ludo and shared serving spoons for the roast potatoes – and we will be back into another dangerous and damaging lockdown. We have already been told that as soon as the current lockdown is lifted, most of the country will be put into tiers, most of which are no different to the recent lockdown. How long can this go on before the population is crushed?

As we have said in other posts on this blog, there is a major problem when the test used is the PCR, known to be unreliable especially in terms of false positives, and when positive tests are renamed “cases” and policy is driven by the number of those “cases, even when they are mild or asymptomatic. MPs need to know why this is a crucial and dangerous problem that is devastating lives, livelihoods and the economy.

We urge you to send this pdf to your MP so they are fully informed before the next round of votes – one is on Dec 1st, so there is no time to waste. Parliament cannot rely on information from the BBC and what the government’s advisors report. We are not beating about the bush on this, time is of the essence and there is nothing, in our humble opinion, that is more urgent.

You can download the 10 page pdf here: MP-briefing-26-Nov-2020

We include just the front page below to encourage you to send it urgently.

If you need the address of your MP you can find it here:


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