A Global Monitoring System: The Well-Laid Plans Are Already In Place

April 25th, 2021

At the beginning of March 2021, Israel was rolling out its “Green Pass” and the European Union announced plans for the requirement of some kind of vaccine ID in order to enter the EU block. Many individual countries, including Austria, were already fairly advanced in their plans for a form of covid vaccine pass while the new US administration was working with private companies such as IBM to look into forms of vaccine passports.

The US federal government has now said they won’t be implementing mandatory vaccine passports. The UK government has similarly said they are not currently looking to impose mandatory vaccine passports, and yet at the same time they have contracted private companies to create the technology required. Both the UK and US governments have discussed leaving it to individual companies to decide the conditions imposed for access to non-vaccinated people. The government remain ambiguous about its long term plans, but will run trials over the summer at a number of sporting events, outdoor festivals and concerts. The Spanish autonomous region of Galicia announced plans to fine people up to 60,000 euros for citizens who refuse the vaccine.

Although governments are saying publicly that the vaccine will not be made mandatory, the requirement of a vaccine passport in order to engage in what used to be normal social interaction and travel will amount to the same thing. The vaccine is not mandatory but taking part in life will not be possible without it.

The legality of these moves have yet to be clarified, but evidence suggests that populations across the globe could be coerced into taking part in the trials of an experimental vaccine, in order that they can take part in life.

Governments are reluctant to call it mandatory but are actively looking at ways to make not having the vaccine virtually impossible. In April 2021, in response to families in the Czech Republic fighting for the right to decide whether to get their children vaccinated, the European Court of Human Rights, removed parental decision making and stated that governments have the legitimate right to impose mandatory childhood vaccines.

The implications of these plans need to be seriously debated and challenged. The potential for an ever-increasing surveillance society and the loss of the essential liberties that define a democracy, is a real possibility.

The ongoing drama

Since the beginning of 2021 a number of vaccines are being widely distributed in many countries despite evidence that deaths due to Covid19 at this time are no greater than a severe flu season. Nonetheless a rigid year long lockdown has been imposed on most of Europe, decimating the economies and imposing virtual martial law. If it’s true that using the inaccurate PCR test to identify an increased number of asymptomatic “cases”, then there is little justification from a public health perspective, to vaccinate entire populations, unless global vaccination is the agenda. The plan currently in process is to have some form of “health” passport or “common pass”, as described by the Rockefeller Foundation and the World Economic Forum.

What we are being told is that health systems throughout the world are at breaking point. COVID19 is wreaking havoc in vulnerable populations and the only solution is an experimental vaccine given Emergency Use Authorisation (EUA) but still in Phase 3 trials.

There are a number of effective options, both natural and pharmaceutical, to treat COVID19, and clear evidence that high dose Vitamin D3 is instrumental in prevention. The use of all these therapeutic options have been bannedor strongly discouraged, perhaps in the interests of gaining EUA for the vaccines, since emergency use can only be authorised if there are no effective treatments for the disease in question.

The wrongful attribution of death to COVID19 is no longer in doubt and the issue is gaining ground. This has already been discussed on this blog and in other well researched articles.  The UK newspapers, Daily Mail and Daily Mirror have run stories about members of the public complaining that their relatives had COVID19 named on their death certificates when it simply wasn’t true.

According to the UK official Office of National Statistics data, the vast majority of deaths from COVID19 have co-morbidities, and the vast number of deaths occur in people in their 70’s and 80’s. Younger and healthy people have a very low mortality rate.

The mantra of “the vaccine is the only solution”

The public is being told to expect more lockdowns as COVID19 goes into its third wave, and that new variants of the virus are more transmissible, but contrary to government warnings, have not proved to be more virulent. Despite this the vaccine rollout continues, especially in Europe and the USA, and the lockdowns and the vaccines are being used as a stick and carrot. The public are led to believe that vaccines are the only route out of the current lockdown and to prevent more in the future.

There is growing evidence from Israel, where almost the entire population has been given the Pfizer vaccine, that the vaccinated are more susceptible than the unvaccinated to variants of COVID19. In a contract with the Israeli government to supply their vaccines, Pfizer has been granted access to the Israeli national health database

The question of whether it’s possible to travel, or to be able to move freely without a vaccine, is now being more openly discussed. Airlines like Quantas and the International Air Travel Association (IATA), and some governments, are exploring health passport technology, even if they are currently saying they are not going to enforce the vaccine or vaccine passports. It may be hard for them to resist. As spring and summer arrive, the desire to open things up and allow more freedom to travel becomes tempting, and the health/vaccine passport may seem to be a good way to get things “back to normal.” Discussions are underway about how such a passport could work and whether an unvaccinated person would be allowed access to public events, clubs, bars, sports events and of course, any international travel, especially flying. The UK will trial this at festivals, the FA Cup final and a number of entertainment venues.

This far reaching plan is moving apace, despite the fact that the vaccine is still in Phase 3 trials for at least another year. At this point there is still insufficient data to say that the vaccine is safe and effective.

Big Tech companies are very much part of a plan to create a permanent surveillance system, initially using the vaccine passport as the justification, but which could expand to include all personal information

Some of the players involved in planning vaccine passports

The Rockefeller Foundation outlined their ideas linked to the concept of massive ongoing testing, and published in the following document, all the way back in April 2020: National Covid-19 Testing Action Plan Pragmatic steps to reopen our workplaces and our communities.

It is worth quoting the Rockefeller Foundation, just to make it clear what they have been thinking:

“Those screened must be given a unique Identification number that would link to information about a patient’s viral, antibody and eventually vaccine status under a system that could easily handshake with other systems to speed the return of normal societal functions. Schools could link this to attendance lists, large office buildings to employee ID cards, TSA to passenger lists and concert and sports venues to ticket purchasers. Such connections should be made in a way that protects personally identifying information whenever possible. For example, accessing the viral and antibody status of an individual can be done by using a cryptographic hash of an individual’s private information without actually sending any personally revealing details.”

It seems clear that this is no longer just about COVID19. This is a monitoring system that could be used to link your biometric I.D. to your health and all personal records. In turn this could be used to dictate what a person can and cannot do. No vaccine, no travel, no movement. This could therefore enforce a mandatory vaccine programme without calling it mandatory. A person could be fined for missing a vaccine appointment. Anything is possible once your I.D. is in the hands of the “right” (wrong) people. A two-tier society could be easily created overnight. Spain mentioned in December that it would create a register for the people who refuse to be vaccinated. It is reminiscent of Germany in the 1930s. Also, the Rockefeller Foundation were already talking about this in April 2020 in the early days of the “pandemic.” To say that this idea didn’t exist before the pandemic took root stretches credulity.

Biometric ID programmes are not just being planned in Europe and the USA. India, sponsored by the Gates Foundation, already has its own Aadhaar programme creating biometric ID for 1.2 billion people, and there are many programmes in Africa being rolled out, working with Mastercard to link financial information to other health and personal data. Therefore, this is not a new situation developed to address the Covid19 crisis. This is a long- term monitoring strategy and Covid19 is now the excuse to roll out biometric ID linked to vaccine status along with other personal information.

Can we trust the Gates Foundation and their influence in the Developing World?

The Gates Foundation is part of ID2020, supporting an agenda to monitor everything, including our health history. It is not simply about giving poor people of the world their own individual personalized, private I.D., it is about private corporations monitoring and controlling individuals in all areas of their lives. The risks involved in this level of monitoring is great. The danger of using it for coercive purposes is real. The Gates Foundation has, for example, been very involved in using people in the developing world for clinical trials, for years. It is no longer possible to have confidence in the names of the Rockefeller Foundation and the World Bank, or that their interests are generally benign, whatever their websites say. In the same way, as its role is increasingly politicised, the views and “opinions” of the World Health Organization need to be seriously challenged, and the influence of the Gates Foundation, now their largest donor, questioned. The WHO has commented, for example, on the risks of using cash during this pandemic, which would help encourage the move to a cashless society when the technology allows. Africa and the developing world are the perfect place for this experimental trial.

Large parts of the rest of the world are already using less cash than before, and the power of large banks and other financial corporations to control this digital finance looms ever larger. However, certain presumptions of individual liberty still prevail – even if they are now becoming more myth than reality. In Africa, people are not asked if they want to give their personal information, it is taken by governments and private corporations. The public are told they have to do it, even if it is initially only to be used for identification for elections, for example.

COVID19 used as mechanism of control

A “digital health passport” or COVI-PASS is being rolled out in 15 countries, and will contain your COVID19 test history and other “relevant health information.” This information will be used to determine if a person can “safely return to work” and resume “social interactions”, by providing authorities with their up to date health information. One company, VST Enterprises Ltd (VSTE), already has contracts to deploy its technology in 15 countries, including with the UK government.

Is there a case to suggest that the intention of this COVI-PASS is not benign? There is already evidence that it will be used to control people and coerce vaccines and other treatments onto the population. As Bill Gates has said, “Short of a miracle treatment, which we can’t count on, the only way to return the world to where it was before COVID-19 showed up is a highly effective vaccine that prevents the disease.” “For example, Denmark has asked” its citizens to download the “immunity passport” that will help facilitate travel, even though the World Health Organization itself earlier last year, said that immunity passports were a bad idea.

VST has signed an agreement with Circle Pass Enterprises (CPE) who own COVI-PASS, to integrate their technology into the biometric RFID-enabled “passports”, which can then be accessed by a smart phone, in order to ascertain a person’s health status and whether they have permission to attend an event or travel, for example. This information can be read at a distance by any authority, so there won’t need to be a confrontation with an enforcer. It can be done virtually. We are fast forwarding to a situation where all our personal data will be in one place and accessible to any authorities at any time. All of this ties in with plans that Bill Gates, via GAVI, ID2020 and the Rockefeller Foundation have had in process for years – to use digital health I.D. to impose their specific agenda onto the world. If this can also be backed by linking all health and personal data to the I.D. and giving ever greater control to the various authorities, then those involved would consider it all to the good! The monitoring of COVID19 provides the mechanism for ever greater surveillance.

Research is currently being done at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to develop microneedles using fluorescent microparticles called quantum dots (QD), which can deliver vaccines and at the same time invisibly encode the vaccination history directly into the skin. The near infra-red light (NIR) given off can then be read by a specially equipped smartphone. This technology already exists. https://www.genengnews.com/topics/drug-discovery/quantum-dots-deliver-vaccines-and-invisibly-encode-vaccination-history-in-skin/ “It’s possible someday that this ‘invisible’ approach could create new possibilities for data storage, biosensing, and vaccine applications that could improve how medical care is provided, particularly in the developing world,” said senior researcher Robert Langer, PhD, the David H. Koch Institute professor at MIT. In the article, one researcher states the advantage of this is that instead of having a centralized database, this allows an “on-patient”, decentralized medical record. Researchers anticipate this being particularly useful in the developing world. It hasn’t reached human trials yet, but as we can see in other areas, things are moving fast.

In India, the World Health Organization and the Indian government has designed a Covid19 Surveillance Project. https://greatgameindia.com/who-initiates-covid-19-surveillance-project-in-india/ using its national polio surveillance network. Bill Gates was previously involved in the polio eradication programme in India, but his relationship with India was terminated by the Indian government after his vaccine led to disabling non-polio acute flacid paralysis in almost 500,000 children between 2000 and 2017. The WHO has admitted that nearly all polio cases in the world today are due to the live polio vaccine being used in the vaccination programmes.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) in partnership with the Rockefeller Foundation has devised its own plans for a health pass, called a “Common Pass” that will be necessary for much of daily life. The WEF state the following on their site:

The solution: CommonPass aims to develop and launch a standard global model to enable people to securely document and present their COVID-19 status (either as test results or an eventual vaccination status) to facilitate international travel and border crossing while keeping their health information private. Recognizing that countries will make sovereign decisions on border entry and health screening requirements, including whether or not to require tests or what type of test to require, CommonPass serves as a neutral platform which creates the interoperability needed for the various ‘travel bubbles’ to connect and for countries to trust one another’s data by leveraging global standards. For governments, airlines, airports, and other key stakeholders throughout the end-to-end travel journey, CommonPass aims to address these key questions:

How can a lab result or vaccination record from another country be trusted? Is the lab or vaccination facility accredited/certified? How do we confirm that the person who took the test is indeed the person who is travelling? Does the traveller meet border entry requirements?

How it works: In line with protocols and guidelines from international organizations and standards bodies in the aviation and health sectors, CommonPass allows individuals to securely document their COVID-19 status electronically and present it when they board a plane or cross a border. 

The Common Pass is part of a project built into the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset project, and supported by the Rockefeller Foundation. The Commons Project is part of their Covid Action Plan and as their site states:

Common Health: CommonHealth helps people collect, store, and share their personal health information safely and securely.  It was developed in collaboration with UCSF, Cornell Tech and Sage Bionetworks with broad participation from all corners of the healthcare ecosystem.

Covid Check: COVIDcheck helps people around the world understand and reduce their COVID-19 risks.  Developed in collaboration with CDC and the World Medical Association, it also supports schools, universities, employers ,and public health agencies in their efforts to overcome the pandemic and return to a new normal.

Common Pass: For global travel and trade to return to pre-pandemic levels, travellers will need a secure and verifiable way to document their health status as they travel and cross borders. Introducing CommonPass, a framework to help the world reopen safely.

The World Economic Forum, in conjunction with John Hopkins University and the Gates Foundation, held the Event 201 Summit in September 2019. The summit envisaged a global pandemic which required a shut down of normal living, the evisceration of civil liberties, the closing of national borders and other scenarios that were remarkably similar to what we are seeing now. The solution to the pandemic relied on production of a vaccine, or 80-90% of the global population were exposed to the virus. The summit even discussed the need for media companies to actively suppress voices that criticized governments, through the use of technology, and governments working with media companies to counter alternative opinions. This is exactly where we are now. Highly respected scientists are having their voices suppressed by the Big Tech companies. You do not need to be a “conspiracy theorist”, to suggest that those organizations and other bodies like ID2020, ID4Africa and individual governments have been planning to roll out a global I.D. programme that will be used to monitor, survey and restrict movement of people as they choose. The fact that they were advocating for this BEFORE the pandemic began begs many questions. COVID19 is being used to justify the roll out of their plans that have been years in the planning. The only remaining question is whether this will be accepted by populations throughout the world, and will Zbigniew Brzezinski’s dream nightmare come true or not? This is the decision we are facing in the wake of this crisis. We still have a choice perhaps but the window is closing.


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