COVID19 Policy of Maybe-US-President-Elect Joe Biden?

November 16th, 2020

Even though the US election has not been finally ratified and certified, in spite of much of the corporate media around the world declaring it already for Biden, suggestions of his strategy for Covid19 are already being leaked.

Biden has said on his site, that people should wear masks outside the house when around people, and it should be made mandatory in every state and enforced by local authorities. He has also spoken about increased testing, even though the country has already been widely testing asymptomatic people, which is leading to the huge increase in numbers of positive ‘cases’. Michael Osterholm, the possible Covid19 spokesperson for Biden, has said that a tighter national lockdown for 4-6 weeks could well be implemented, in spite of all the evidence that lockdowns don’t work.

When asked about a possible vaccine, Biden has said that, “You can’t force the vaccine on people, but you can stop people coming to school without it”, which in other words is a mandate. On top of that Biden is talking about giving $25 billion for the vaccine’s distribution. Therefore, the first comments from the maybe next President is not looking too bright, as he may follow the same mistakes European countries have made in initiating profoundly damaging lockdowns for the 2nd or 3rd time.