Prof Gupta, Oxford – COVID on its way out

May 23rd, 2020

Unherd spoke to Professor Gupta, Professor of Theoretical Epidemiology at Oxford University and head of the team that challenged the Imperial College’s prediction that triggered the global lockdown. She discusses anti-bodies, Infection Fatality rate, Lockdown, the UK government’s response, the Ro rate of infection that is one of the measures for lifting lockdown, the situation in New York, Social distancing, next steps and the politics of COVID19.

In a follow up note about YouTube censorship – this interview with Sunetra Gupta, , was removed by YouTube saying it “violated YouTube’s guidelines”. After an appeal and some push back on Twitter, it was eventually reinstated. YouTube is at least consistent – we covered the removal of Dr. Wittkowski’s video (another eminent epidemiologist with a lot to say on the current situation) in our news feed on May 21st.

An excellent use of 30 minutes of your life – probably wise to watch it soon. Someone remarked recently that there seemed to be no obvious alternative scientific view in the news. That’s because if it doesn’t espouse WHO recommendations it won’t be covered by Main Stream Media and, as explicitly stated by YouTube’s CEO Susan Wajcicki in her removal of Dr Wittkowski’s video, it will be censored from Social Media.


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