COVID19 positive = COVID19 death even if hit by a car

July 21st, 2020

We have said on this blog from the very start of deaths reported from CoVID19 that the numbers don’t add up. There have been WHO directives instructing doctors to call it COVID19 even if the test is “inconclusive or not available.  We’ve heard from doctors on the COVID19 in Minessota, US, being told to put COVID19 on the death certificate whether or not that was the cause of death. The doctor who blew the whistle on this is now under investigation by his Medical Board for spreading misinformation, even though he has a copy of the official memo that informed him of the policy.

Deaths in care homes account for at least 47% of COVID19 deaths in the UK and other countries in Europe where elders were sent home from hospital to care homes without being tested and issued with Do Not Resucitate notices without their agreement.

Now Matt Hancock, Secretary of State for Health in the UK has ordered a review of the death count in the UK after it was revealed that officials have been following up positive COVID19 cases  to see if they are still alive. Where the patient has since died, they are counted as a COVID19 death, even if their death had nothing to do with COVID19. If the positive person died in a car crash it would be counted as a COVID19 death.

The Numbers issue while undeniably tragic becomes evermore farcical. Today in The Guardian, the headline said that COVID19 is spreading in Papua New Guinea as Melanesia had had its first COVID19 death – the article itself explained that the woman was already in hospital with stage 4 breast cancer.

If we can’t think of a reason why governments would artificially inflate the number of deaths in a pandemic, then we have no choice but to look at the possibility of an agenda.